$COBRAKING token powers the CobraKing DAO built on to Cardano blockchain to drive awareness of meme lovers to Cardano blockchain through education. The DAO also aims to launch a launchpad to support new projects to have a fair launch on Cardano.
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CobraKing Story

What started off as just a meme token aimed to educate meme lovers on other chains such as SOLANA, BSC and ETH on how to trade memes on CARDANO chain has now become one of the biggest DAO on CARDANO chain with plans to build product such as launchpads and trading bots for traders on CARDANO. Read more…

Token Utility


The Cobraking meme token was created with the intention of educating our community about the Cardano ecosystem. It serves as an informative tool, providing insights into various aspects of the Cardano blockchain. It’s crucial to emphasize that there are no guarantees or promises of financial returns associated with the Cobraking token.


“COB DAO” is the one of the most decentralise, dedicated and vibrant community on the Cardano chain. Powered by the CobraKing token, every community member would beed to hold a portion of the token in order to have proposal and voting rights. COBRAKING NFTs will also play important roles in strenthening the DAO.


“COBPAD” is a transparent and decentralised launchpad to support team looking to launch fungible tokens on Cardano chain. 

How to Buy

Download VESPR wallet or your wallet of choice from the app store or Google Play store for free.

Deposit some ADA if you don’t have ADA, you can buy directly on VSPR wallet or from CEX such as Binance and Okex and send it to your wallet.

Click on the swap icon, select ADA & COB, slide or type the amount of ADA you wish to buy COB with and then click on review swap and then confirm swap.

Swap $COB

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The Journey of The King

Q4 2023
Project Ideation

Due to limited of Cardano ecosystem awareness, the team decides to create an educational meme token in order to spread awareness and foster adoption

Q1 2024
Project Development

The name CobraKing token launches successfully with a total of 50,000,000,000 tokens on Minswap with over $100,000 liquidity locked and contract ownership renounced.

Q1 2024
DAO Launch

Community evolves into a full fledged DAO on Cardano chain, decentralising operations and decision making through proposals and votes using our native token and Cobraking NFTs

Q2 2024

Assembling of community leaders, influencers, KOLs, educators etc. to learn and spread the knowledge of the Cardano ecosystem.

Q2 2024

Continuous awareness through x (twitter) spaces, outreaches, events, etc. The goal is to get as many persons as possible to understand and adapt into the Cardano ecosystem. 

Token Economics

What you need to know about Cobraking DAO

100% Fair Launch. 0% Team Tokens. 0% Airdrop. 100% Transparent. Token by the community, for the community. All activities are controlled by the COBRAKING DAO through governance.